One random day,
If things may go my random way
And In Randoml and I can continue to stay and play,
Resist the mortal portal,
As some say,
I hope, eventually, to go bacterial,
Although I feel It might be something more viral;
In the meantime, however,
Before I get too clever
My poor, devoted device,
My old computer quite nice,
Appears to be caught in the grip-like vice
Of the modern equivalent of head lice;
Somehow they themselves have self-installed
And got my damn screen completely enthralled;
Every second second or two
One of these sick serial spams
Tries to trick me with their scams;
I scratch my skull, search my brain,
Please help me end this endless pain;
Now I’ve got to pay my mate the geek,
Pay a price he will seek
Because all this is random Greek,
Just to un-install the self-installed
To which there seems no insulation,
No potion, no wash, to cleanse my computation,
No remedy for my random reputation.

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